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"Not Much Is Really Sacred": Popular Music and the Cold War

June 4

Austin, TX

Keynote Lecture at Humanities Texas Teacher Institute

"When the Cowboy Angel Rides"

May 23

University of Southern Denmark

Keynote lecture on Dylan's fascination with the American West at the Dylan and Masculinity Conference

"Take Your Pick"


Essay for BBC Radio on Timothée Chalomet in the New Bob Dylan Biopic

Bloomsday 2024

June 16

Tulsa and Everywhere

Annual Celebration of Joyce's Ulysses Sponsored by the Irish Consulate

Pathways to Freedom: Community-Based Humanities

April 26, 2024

Amherst MA

May 30, 2024

Berkeley, CA

Session at CHCI on the Award-Winning Pathways to Freedom Project 



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