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Born and raised in Colorado, I'm a first-generation college student who values the fundamental importance of the liberal arts and the strong foundation they provide for building successful lives, careers, and communities. As director of the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities, I develop community-engaged scholarship that focuses on complex challenges like immigration, identity politics, food insecurity and data privacy. My interdisciplinary scholarship explores how we create, circulate, and value modern modern literature, music, and art.  I'm currently at work on a book titled Bob Dylan's Odyssey.

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Modern Literature and Culture

Editor, James Joyce Quarterly, Co-Editor, New Modernist Studies (Bloomsbury)

1990 - 1994

Swarthmore College

High Honors in English and Religion

Phi Beta Kappa

Public Humanities

Founding Director of Oklahoma Center for the Humanites

Bob Dylan and American Music

Founding Director, TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies

Digital Humanities and Periodical Studies

Founder, Modernist Journals Project and Journal of Modern Periodical Studies


Brown University

PhD in English


University Outstanding Researcher Award

TURC Mentoring Award

University Outstanding Teacher Award

National Endowment for the Humanities

Segal Distinguished Visiting Professor (Northwestern)

Prof. of Humanities, Univ. of Southern Denmark

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